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Long-Lasting and Effective Vein Removal Results

If you are experiencing symptoms in your legs such as pain, cramping, swelling, restless or bluish legs, prominent veins, you might be suffering from venous insufficiency or varicose veins. The bulging veins are not only unsightly but can cause significant discomfort.

VeinGuard Heart & Vascular Center is one of the leading centers for CoolTouch vein treatment in Fairfax. We specialize in this cutting-edge treatment which involves the use of endovenous ablation which provides longer-lasting results with minimal discomfort.

CoolTouch CTEV Vein Treatment in Fairfax

The CoolTouch CTEV provides an ideal treatment for the endovenous removal of varicose veins. The 1320 nm wavelength targets water in the vessel wall, not hemoglobin, which means a much more comfortable procedure for patients without post-op bruising or swelling.

There is no need to delay receiving treatment and continue enduring the pain, discomfort and unsightly effects that are often caused by varicose veins.

Benefits of CoolTouch CTEV Laser Vein Treatment:

  • Most comfortable laser procedure available
  • Rapid relief of symptoms
  • Relatively pain-free
  • No downtime
  • Minimal bruising or scarring
  • No general anesthesia
  • Quick, office-based procedure
  • 99% efficacy rate

How is CoolTouch CTEV Different From Other Laser Vein Treatments?

Laser vein treatment is another option for varicose veins where laser radiation is applied to the area to be treated. This light treats hemoglobin, which is the pigment in red blood cells. When these cells are heated by the laser, they lead to thermal damage to varicose veins and lead to their destruction.

Our CoolTouch vein treatment for Tysons Corner and Fairfax clients, uses a special laser fiber to treat unsightly veins and targets the water in the walls of the vein instead of the hemoglobin.

Before & After Treatment

CoolTouch Vein Treatment Tysons Corner
CoolTouch Vein Treatment Fairfax
CoolTouch Vein Treatment Tysons Corner
CoolTouch Vein Treatment Tysons Corner

What is the CoolTouch CTEV Procedure Like?

After a thorough evaluation of your medical and allergy history, our vascular doctor performs the CoolTouch CTEV procedure that consists of the following steps:

Vein mapping: Our expert vascular doctor performs noninvasive ultrasound imaging to trace the location of the varicose veins. This enables the vein doctor to determine the exact position where the laser fiber is to be inserted.

Laser fiber insertion: The doctor inserts the laser fiber into the vein and moves it to the vein’s uppermost segment. An anesthetic fluid is then injected to numb the leg.

Delivering laser energy: After confirming the laser tip position with ultrasound imaging, the vein doctor activates the laser machine. The laser heats up the vein wall which then shrinks. The fiber tip is then withdrawn during which the entire vein gets destroyed (ablated).

The procedure is completed within an hour after which, the narrowed vein seals the walls of the vein and naturally reroutes blood flow through healthy veins. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.