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Defining Your Body with Personalized Body Sculpting

VeinGuard Center is proud to offer truSculpt™ iD, a revolutionary non-surgical treatment of body-contouring in Tysons Corner, VA that allows you to personalize your body in one 15-minute treatment. truSculpt™ iD is a safe and effective technology that is clinically proven to permanently eliminate fat cells in stubborn areas around your abdomen and flanks. With truSculpt™ iD, you can get the body definition you want, even in areas that have been resistant to diet and exercise.

Many men and women are concerned about the stubborn fat pockets that tend to accumulate in certain areas in the body including the abdomen, buttocks, thighs, calves, or upper arms. These fat pockets compromise the overall aesthetic appeal. Despite losing excess weight with optimal diet and exercise programs, these fat deposits may remain. While there are plastic surgery and invasive options such as liposuction that can address excess body fat deposits, most people are not comfortable with invasive techniques that carry a certain amount of risks. If you are looking for the safest, body contouring, Tysons Corner, VA has to offer, contact us today at Veinguard Center.

What is truSculpt™ iD?

truSculpt™ iD is a revolutionary body sculpting technique that helps patients achieve substantial fat removal in targeted areas. At our leading vascular, cardiac and medical aesthetic center in Fairfax, VA, we are focused on offering minimally invasive, advanced techniques such as truSculpt™ iD that is a safe procedure involving no needles, cuts, medications or incisions.

The design of the truSculpt™ iD device ensures there are no placement limitations. This means the device can be used to offer a highly personalized treatment to enhance the appearance and improve the definition of the upper arm, thighs, buttocks, abdomen, and calves contours.

The Body You Want Down to the Last Curve

While it is often difficult to achieve a proportional appearance of thighs or abdomen with traditional cosmetic treatments, truSculpt™ iD restores the proportion to these areas making it the ideal body sculpting approach.

At VeinGuard Center, each treatment session is carefully delivered and monitored by expert medical aestheticians and vascular doctors. Our skilled experts tailor the treatment to match your unique body shape and size. With flexible device configurations, our experienced aestheticians achieve maximum results that require minimal treatment sessions with body contouring in Tysons Corner, VA.

truSculpt™ iD has definite advantages over other techniques used for body sculpting. The innovative radio-frequency design enables selective heating of large pockets of subcutaneous fat safely. This ensures pain-free and safe body sculpting with clinically proven results as you expect.

Before & After Treatment

before and after body contouring in Tysons Corner, VA
before and after body contouring in Tysons Corner
before and after body contouring in Tysons Corner, VA
truSculpt machine used for body contouring in Tysons Corner, VA

How Is truSculpt™ iD Different from Other Body Sculpting Procedures?

  • This procedure is a versatile and effective treatment for a wide range of patients who may not be candidates for other contouring procedures due to treatment location, skin type, fat thickness and presence of skin laxity.
  • The treatment has minimal discomfort and has been compared to a hot stone massage.
  • There is no visible downtime after the procedure and normal activity can be resumed immediately.
  • The treatment time depends on the size and how many areas are treated. Treatment time is typically 15 to 30 minutes to treat the abdomen and flanks.
  • Typically, only 1 treatment is needed. Maximum results are visible after 12 weeks. Additional treatments may be required to achieve the personalized results you desire.

How does It Work?

  • truSculpt™ iD ® uses innovative Monopolar RF technology to selectively target fat and therapeutically heat it – until fat cells are eliminated by passing through the body naturally.
  • Average of 24% fat reduction is achieved in just one treatment.

Our truSculpt™ iD treatment consultants can help answer any questions you may have to help you make an informed decision about the procedure. Contact us today to schedule a consultation for body contouring in Tysons Corner.

Am I a Candidate for truSculpt™ iD?

Because truSculpt™ iD is a customized and tailored treatment to meet individual needs, most adult men and women are candidates.

Can truSculpt™ iD be Used on All Skin Types?

Yes, this treatment can be done on all skin types and over tattoos.

How Long does a Treatment Take?

Procedure time depends on the size and number of treatment areas. It typically takes 15 to 30 minutes to treat the abdomen and flanks.

How Many Treatments Will be Needed?

Multiple areas can be treated in as little as one 15-minute session. Additional treatments may be required to achieve the personalized results you desire.

What Will the Treatment Feel Like?

truSculpt™ iD procedures are typically described as feeling like a hot stone massage. During the treatment, the temperature of your skin will rise but it will remain comfortable. It is effective, safe, and the results are even and consistent.

Is There Really no Downtime?

After our Tysons Corner body-contouring procedure, the treatment area will be warm and flushed for less than one hour. While you may experience mild sensitivity to the touch for a few days, you’ll be able to immediately return to normal activities and exercise.

When Will I See Results?

Results are visible after just one treatment, with maximum results seen after 12 weeks. Additional treatments may be required to achieve the personalized results you desire.

Glide Technique

truSculpt™ iD glide technique offers consistently impressive results – an average of 24% fat reduction, in a short treatment time over a large treatment zone. One 60-minute session provides clinically proven results in the most common treatment areas — the abdomen and flanks.

Repeatable w/ Proven Outcomes

truSculpt™ iD features a proprietary closed-loop temperature feedback mechanism that ensures therapeutic temperatures are met throughout each treatment. This means our patients are comfortable while consistently achieving results.

Targeted RF Energy

The truSculpt™ iD system uses a low frequency and high conductivity radiofrequency (RF) technology for deep penetration to treat the entire fat layer from skin to muscle while maintaining a comfortable surface temperature for patients. The fat cells are slowly removed and excreted through the body naturally.

Uniform Delivery

truSculpt™ iD’s patented handpiece hands free design delivers uniform heat to the targeted area. The signature hands free design eliminates potential hot spots and not only enhances patient safety and comfort but ensures that patients get results. Offering patients the look they want with a fast, comfortable, non-invasive procedure.

Recommended Pre & Post Care For truSculpt™ iD Treatments

Before Your Treatment:

  • Hair in the treatment and return pad area need to be shaved.
  • Be well hydrated prior to treatment.
  • Body piercings may need to be removed if under or near the treatment area.
  • Notify clinic of any changes to your health history or medications since your last appointment.

After Your Treatment:

  • Redness and swelling may occur and typically resolve within a few days.
  • Palpable nodules that are tender to touch or lumps in the treatment area may develop in the treated area up to 72 hours following treatment, and typically resolve over several weeks.
    • Subjects from CUTERA clinical study were advised to gently massage the nodules for 2-5 minutes twice daily.
  • Multiple treatments may be required.
  • Notify clinic if any of the following occur:
    • Blister, crusting or skin burns.
    • Tenderness, redness or swelling persisting longer than a few days.
    • Nodules that are tender to touch or lumps in the treatment area that last longer than 4 weeks.
      • These may develop up to 72 hours post-treatment and typically resolve over several weeks.
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